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Assistant Coach

Being able to move freely and creatively was always a passion of mine. I had done street dance and gymnastics previously to parkour. When I was in school I was full of energy and hyper active I just couldn’t sit still, so my parents signed me up for gymnastics. I really enjoyed it and loved seeing how far I could push my body. I then later pursed swimming for 10+ years where I continue to swim competitively. I had found some Parkour videos such as Storror and "Jump London" and began learning some of the moves around the house and in the garden. I learned that even though I fell down and failed a lot, like I mean a lot! it was fun to try. I loved the mental challenge and overcoming barriers I thought I couldn’t. I searched for classes near me and discovered Aspire Parkour Academy. I have then been training since 2020 and love what I do, I want to push the sport out into the world and teach others my passion.


Level 1 Parkour & Freerunning Coach
Level 3 Emergency First Aid
Safeguarding & Protecting Children

Parkour Acrobatics

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