Our coaches endeavour for participants to feel relaxed and confident to try new things within our classes.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where you are comfortable being outside of your physical and mental comfort zone.

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Each age group of classes is slightly different but in general a class will consist of:

  • A thorough warm-up which includes: pulse raising, muscle activation, dynamic stretching and the occasional teamwork, coordination or activation game.

  • Three activity stations which could focus on: a mixture of Parkour related games, traversal challenges, practicing skills, linking skills or learning new movements. Every 10-15 minutes, the three groups rotate until everyone has been on each station.

  • A cool down, utilising static stretches that are specific to the session. We conclude with a summary of the class and achievements. 

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Our aim is to make each of our classes a fresh experience from the last. Using purpose built modular Parkour equipment, we are able to create an infinite combination of setups and challenges for our students to try. 

To ensure fundamental movements are learnt correctly and often, we have implemented a twelve week rolling syllabus which is designed to maximise learning and practicing movements. However, on each cycle of twelve weeks the setups, challenges and games will still be filled with a huge variety and progression!

Sensory Friendly Class

This class is perfect for those who would prefer a calmer and quieter atmosphere with less distractions. This class is designed with additional needs in mind, such as ASD, ADHD and SPD. However, this class is also open to anyone interested in a less hectic session and a higher coach to participant ratio. 

The Sensory Friendly class is limited to 10 participants apposed to our usual 27 class capacity. We have 5 coaches on hand, giving a coach to participant ratio of 1:2.


Pricing & Booking

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  •  Classes are held weekly and are paid for with monthly membership

  • We run classes for 48 weeks of the year, the 4 weeks off are spread throughout the year and are included in the price and therefore monthly payments will remain the same. 

  • A standard class once per week is £36 per month

  • Sensory Friendly is £48 per month

  • For siblings or additional classes there is a 25% discount for the monthly fee

  • If after the first class, you/your child decide it is not for them, contact us before the second class and we will refund the remaining classes that month.

  • Payments are made through stripe and will automatically be collected each month.​

  • For cancellations please let us know 5 days before the renewal of your membership for us to cancel.

  • If you would like to register your interest in one of our classes, please complete our resister interest form. We will contact you as soon as a place is available in the chosen class(es)  

What You Will Need


Tight-fitting Trainers


Water Bottle


Completed Online Forms

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