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What to Expect?


Below you will find information about our classes At the very bottom of this page is the Pricing & Booking section. This is where you can register your interest / request an invitation to our classes.

If you would like to skip to the Pricing & Booking section simply click this button below.

Our coaches endeavour for participants to feel relaxed and confident to try new things within our classes.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where you are comfortable being outside of your physical and mental comfort zone.

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Each age group of classes is slightly different but in general a class will consist of:

  • A thorough warm-up which includes: pulse raising, muscle activation, dynamic stretching and the occasional teamwork, coordination or activation game.

  • Four activity stations which could focus on: a mixture of Parkour related games, traversal challenges, practicing skills, linking skills or learning new movements. Every 10 minutes, the four groups rotate until everyone has been on each station

  • Choice time within the final 5 minutes before the cool down, allows the participants a bit of extra time to practice on the station they enjoyed most.

  • A cool down, utilising static stretches to help ease the muscles and mind into a calmer state ready to go home.

We have designed syllabus' for beginners, intermediates and advanced. The beginner syllabus incorporates the fundamental skills of Parkour, with each week offering a wide variety across the four stations. The intermediate and advanced classes build on these fundamental movements and introduce more complex skills and concepts, including friendly competitive formats. 

Examples of what to expect within a class

  • Aiming to precisely jump from one block or wall to another, from standing or with a run up. They may link several of these jumps together.

  • Vaulting over knee to chest high obstacles utilising a variety of unique maneuvers they will learn and have at their disposal.

  • Scrambling to the top of a wall and then safely descending and rolling to minimise and spread the impact.

  • Balancing on a rail, attempting to turn and pick something up, whilst maintaining the balance point.

  • Running and kicking from a vertical wall and soaring through the air to land on a target area or block


The possibilities in Parkour are truly limitless and we love thinking of novel ways to engage our students through movements and challenges. 

Aspire Parkour Backflip

To ensure fundamental movements are learnt correctly and built upon regularly, we have implemented an 10 week rolling syllabus which is designed to maximise learning and practicing movements. However, on each cycle of 10 weeks the setups, challenges and games will still be filled with a huge variety and progression! We also aim to redesign the syllabus every few cycles to keep things interesting.



Aspire Timetable 2023.png
Parkour Cat 180
Parkour Running Cat Leap

Class Types

Beginner Classes

6-8 Year Old

Our 6-8 year old classes are the perfect introduction to Parkour for your little one. As with all of our beginner classes, they provide a great foundation of all of the key movements within Parkour.

Benefiting from it's own carefully designed syllabus that caters to the age group, with a bit more emphasis on learning through play.​

Parkour Balancing
Parkour Cat Leap

13-17 Year Old

Our 13-17 year old class is designed for beginners and intermediates. The sessions follow the same overarching syllabus as the 9-12 class, however, with a much larger focus on cultivating creativity and owning their own training. 

We aim to develop the students Parkour Vision, or the ability to locate and create challenges within the environment without too much assistance from those around you. This is an important skill when becoming more independent in your practice. 

9-12 Year Old

This group build slowly into more complex movements with a bigger emphasis on linking movements together. For this age group we focus a bit more on flips too!

At the end of each 8 week cycle, the students use the knowledge and skills they have developed over the last couple of months to design their very own Parkour setup!  All of our equipment is at their disposal! They then get to practice their favourite movements and come up with some ideas on their own or with our support.

Parkour Tic Tac
Parkour Vaulting


Our 18+ classes are good for anyone wanting to generally get fit or are specifically interested in Parkour. We have a large range of people of varying ages and backgrounds. 

These sessions are a mixture of complete beginners and more experience practitioners. The classes are a truly friendly environment where everyone supports each other and celebrates each-others successes. 

Sensory Friendly Class

This class is perfect for those who would prefer a calmer and quieter atmosphere with less distractions. This class is designed with additional needs in mind, such as ASD, ADHD and SPD. However, this class is also open to anyone interested in a less busy session with a higher coach to participant ratio. 

The Sensory Friendly class is limited to 12 and we have 6 coaches on hand, giving a coach to participant ratio of 1:2.

What You Will Need


Tight-fitting Trainers


Water Bottle


Booked Place


Pricing & Booking

Aspire Parkour Prices.png

We run classes for 48 weeks of the year, the 4 weeks off are spread throughout the year and are included in the price, therefore monthly payments remain the same.

If after the first class, you/your child decide it is not for them, contact us before the second class and we will refund the remaining classes that month and cancel your subscription

For cancellations please let us know 5 days before any month's renewal day of your membership and we can cancel your payments.

If you would like to request a class invitation, please complete the form below by click the button. We will contact you as soon as a place is available in your chosen class, this will be within a couple of days if there is already space.

Once a place is offered, you will need to complete the online sign-up form sent to you via text and make payment to secure the place.

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