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Q. Can I just turn up for a class without booking?

A. All of our classes require booking before. You will need to register you interest and then be contacted by us with a invitation. Please do not turn up without a place and avoid disappointment. 


Q. How to do I book?

A. You can register you interest in a class using this link -

We will then get back to you with an invitation when a place becomes available.

Q. Is Parkour dangerous?

A. As with any sport, Parkour comes with some risk. However, a large part of the discipline is to work on understanding risk and fear and to perform movements as safely as possible. 

Q. When will I be charged?

A. Once you have set up on the payment system you will be charged for the first month and then charged for each subsequent month on the the same day. 


Q. Can I have a trial?

A. Our trial period works as follows - After the first class, if you/your child does not want to continue, please let us know before the second class and we will cancel your subscription and refund the remaining classes that month. 


Q. Is there a payment contract?

A. Our payments are automatic but you won't be locked in for a large period of time.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. If you would like to cancel you membership, just let us know 5 days before your renewal date each month.


Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located at the lifestyle and fitness sports centre on the Peterborough regional college campus. 

Q. Do you provide Parkour classes for children under the age of 6?

A. Unfortunately not and there are no plans at present to provide this. Sorry :(

Q. Do you accommodate children or adults with special needs or disabilities?

A. We will always do our absolute best when accommodating those with particular needs however, under certain circumstances this is not always possible. If you require more information on this topic please contact us.

Q. Can you host Parkour birthday parties?

A. We will be offering birthday parties from 2023 onward. Please contact us for more information 

Q. Can I stay and watch the class?

A. There is a balcony viewing area if you would like to stay and watch the action.

Q. Can I leave and pick up my child at the end of the class?

A. Yep. As soon as you've filled out the emergency contact form you are free to go!

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